Educational Articles

Our educational articles are written in an easy-to-understand format and are intended purely as informative, educational pieces so that we can offer improved solutions to common problems, as well as answer questions we are often asked in the financial industry.

First Appointment 2015

First Appointment

We want you to be informed every step of the way starting with your first appointment. This one-page summary covers the basics of what you need to know but feel free to call us if you have any questions.

Five Easy Tax-Saving Steps to NUA 2015

Five Easy Tax-Saving Steps to NUA

NUA, or Net Unrealized Appreciation, is a tax strategy that we use when it’s available and can help our clients reach their goals. It can be a confusing idea to people who don’t use it often, and most of what’s available online about NUA is even more confusing. Read this article for an understandable definition of NUA, a quick list to help you know if it might be an option for you, and a few very important notes to keep in mind.

Good Fit Registered FITT 2015

How Do I Know We Are a Good Fit?

Plenty has been written about how to find and select a financial advisor, but it is still a tricky proposition. To help in this process, we recommend that you consider our recognitions by outside parties, our ongoing education, and this document that tells you a little bit more about how to know if we’re a good fit for each other.