Core Values

It’s not by accident that the most prominent values of Selah Financial Services as a company are a direct reflection of its leaders and team members. We’ve included them here because we want you to know a little about what is important to us!


We have the heart of a teacher. We take time to explain and to teach. We are passionate about you knowing what you need to know to feel comfortable and to make informed decisions. If we like the investments you bring to us, we typically recommend that you keep them and explain how they work for you. If your current strategy is not working for you, we will explain why that might be, even if it requires a tough discussion. Our sense of satisfaction and fulfilled purpose comes from your success. We take the time to address concerns and provide the education necessary for you to be a wise manager of your money.


We are intentional in what we do. Selah, a biblical term, roughly means to pause and consider wisely, reflecting accurately the thought Selah advisors put into your finances. We have purposefully focused our efforts into becoming a team of specialists, not a collection of generalists. This led Dave Ramsey’s group to select both Sharon Duncan and John Westerman as two of only a few Endorsed Local Providers® for Investing in the Houston area.


We love systems and processes. We have processes for just about everything… We have processes for how we conduct meetings to respect your time. We have processes for selecting and managing your investments. We have a whole unique, comprehensive process for retiring. We even have processes for maintaining and improving our processes!


We are real people with real-life experiences. We have everyday challenges and successes just like you. Since we were consumers of financial services before we were advisors, we know what it’s like from both perspectives. We are not afraid to approach whatever you bring to the table. We are honest and frank in our discussions, even when they are tough discussions, because we believe that you deserve it. We also readily admit that we are not the right choice for everyone and not every family is right for us. Life is too short not to work with and for people you enjoy!

We spend a lot of time planning how we can best bring these values to you.  Just ask us if you want to know more. We’re happy to talk about it and we take pride in our work.