Continuing Education

Anyone who has been a high-schooler, or who has raised kids, knows that there is a big difference in how different people approach education, learning, and knowledge. Everyone chooses whether they are going to just get by, average is good enough, if they’ll be one of the few that “blows the grading curve.”

That’s how it is when it comes to people providing financial advice. Many learn a bit more than they needed to pass the required tests, and others “over-achieve.”

Once a financial advisor has earned their licences, they have continuing education requirements to maintain their license(s).

Like high school, those who don’t meet the basic requirements will not be able to maintain their license(s), many will meet the minimum requirement in the easiest way possible, a few may cheat, and some will far exceed the requirement.

Your Selah Team

At Selah, we intentionally and routinely far exceed the minimal requirements when it comes to continuing education.
Because your family deserves this level of knowledge, effort and passion.
As you make financial decisions for your family, you need the knowledge to make informed decisions.
At Selah, we believe that the level of expertise a fincnail advisor should bring to the table is truly defined by your family’s needs, not by the minimal standards set by government regulators and/or industry organizations.


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