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  • How do I achieve financial freedom?
  • Do I need the expertise of a CFP®?
  • Are my investments helping me reach my goals?
  • Am I on track?
  • What am I missing?

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Make better, smarter decisions about retirement!

With our Crucial Retirement FAQs, you can help ensure you’re covering your bases. Selah Financial Advisors have taken the time to answer questions in specific areas of concern, including:

  • What should I do about insurance?
  • What about investing in retirement?
  • When should I apply for Social Security?
  • How do I know if I can afford my day-to-day-living expenses?
  • How early should I start planning for retirement?
  • How much will my lifestyle change?

Established Financial Advisors in Houston

Smart financial planning requires more than just purchasing investment products from a salesman. Our slogan, to pause and consider wisely, perfectly describes the contemplative approach we take when helping families with financial, college and retirement planning. Our experienced advisors attend hours of continuing education to stay at the top of the financial planning and investment management fields.

Investing Is Not About Timing the Market

One of the main priorities our skilled investment specialists take on is to encourage investors not to panic, but to stay the course through the long haul-even through ever changing stock prices. Our financial services team as a whole strives to create a calm, approachable, ethical, and client-centered atmosphere that truly stands out, even in a city the size of Houston. We help you understand your financial choices and the reasoning behind our investment recommendations. We will treat you as an individual and not an investment portfolio.

The Right Retirement Planning Can Be a Game Changer

Retirement can seem a very long way away when you’re busy working, but it’s surprising how quickly the years can pass and it’s certainly not something you want to neglect. With a growing number of people potentially living for decades after retirement, it’s never too early to start planning. For those approaching retirement, our comprehensive, proprietary system, Retiring FITT, is designed to empower retirees to make good decisions when going through the retirement process. It addresses 25 different aspects of retirement so retirement doesn’t need to be scary,overwhelming and confusing.

Experienced Financial Planners in Houston

As experienced financial advisers, we can provide help with every aspect of financial planning, helping you get the maximum value from your income and assisting you in gaining welcome financial stability. If you live in or around Houston and would like further information or a complimentary consultation with one of our professional advisors, please call us now at (281) 990-7100.